How many people in this world have something to share but can’t, because they have limited mobility and are unable to access the resources they need to be the next amazing contributor to the ongoing development of humanity?

An estimated 70 million people live in need of a wheelchair but cannot afford one.

Our goal is to provide 550 wheelchairs to be distributed to those in need across the globe by partnering with Free Wheelchair Mission. Every donation you make or business solution you purchase from us helps move that goal forward, because Think AI will donate one wheelchair for every new business line we write through December 31st, 2019.

To donate one or more chairs today, click here.

Please consider us for your business technology needs so that we can continue to assist others in a variety of ways. Think AI believes that true success lies in leading by example, by both equipping companies with technology solutions for the future of business, and in creating a better world for us all to thrive in through charitable partnerships and generosity.

Your participation in helping us change lives is much appreciated!