Engage with your customers and employees in a whole new way.

With the chatbot on your website or app to Cortana, Skype, Teams, Office 365 mail, Slack, Facebook, or Skype

Think AI uses the ChatBot framework,  and you can get your own custom BOT up and running within a few days. Your ChatBot will continuously improve as you will have full control over initial teaching and the framework will provide suggestions to improve your Chat Bot’s learning.

Engage with customers

Engage with your customers in a new innovative way and improve the overall customer experience.

Reduce busy emails and phone calls

Obtain a quick and low-cost ChatBot framework to reduce call or email volume in your company.

Save $$$ with technology

Embrace new forms of automation that would lead to cost savings for your organization.

“Boost morale, create time, drive up productivity, better utilize your people by letting the BOT respond to the basic questions while they do more meaningful and valuable work.” – Manish Bhardia

Think AI Chatbot Services

Chatbot Consulting

We advise our clients on chat bot creation and best use of it. Chat bot can be great website companion. Your chatbot could be focused on customer service, marketing or focused on internal employees learning.

Cognitive Services

With Cognitive services, we enable your applications, websites, and BOTs to use the power of AI. Enhanced applications will use artificial intelligence algorithms for vision, speech, language, and knowledge.

Bot Framework

Think AI’s team helps you build a great conversational BOT, able to naturally interact with users everywhere (your website or app to Cortana, Skype, Teams, Office 365 mail, Slack, Facebook or Skype.

BOT Service Packages

Get started today with an implementation package.

Most Affordable

Joe Next Door
  • • 30 Minutes
  • • 5000 bot dialogs per month
  • • Basic Conversational AI
  • • Basic Chatbot BI
  • • Zero Connectors
  • • 1 initial Q&A upload
  • • Multiple channels: Web, Skype
  • • 24x7 availability

Best Seller

Mr. Intelligent
  • • 1 Day
  • • 50000 bot dialogs per month
  • • Advanced Conversational AI
  • • Promoted Ads, Additional Channels: Facebook
  • • Advanced Chatbot BI
  • • 1 free custom connector to enterprise application
  • • Admin Module to manage
  • • Includes all of Joe Next Door features

Most Powerful Bot

Dr. Genius
  • • 3 Days
  • • 2000 Basic pre loaded conversations
  • • Unlimited bot dialogs per month*
  • • 3 free custom connector to enterprise application*
  • • Unlimited connectors in our catalog for 1 year
  • • User Sentiment Analysis
  • • Escalate to Live operator
  • • Multiple channels: Microsoft
  • • Teams, and Skype for Business.
  • • Includes all of Mr Intelligent features