Happy New Year from Think AI


Hello everyone, Happy New Year !

I know it’s better late then never. So yes, couple of months late but happy 2019. In Start of 2019 we launched this brand called ThinkAI Consulting Corporation. Check out our website on www.thinkAICorp.com.We are a software company for thought leaders only. Looking forward to help you and your clients with artificial intelligence, business intelligence, chat BOTS and custom app development. Do check it out. Thank you.

MS Inspire 2019 review in 103 seconds

Hello everyone, my name is Manish Bhardia with Think AI corporation, I just want to summarize my recent trip to Las Vegas. This was a business trip to attend Microsoft inspire 2019, from July 14 to July 19th. During the event, Microsoft communicated four areas which they want their partners to focus on:

  1. First, Office 365 and Teams’ applications for collaboration
  2. Second, Dynamic 365 business applications and power apps
  3. Third, infrastructure including Azure infrastructure
  4. Fourth, data and AI

We are Think AI corporation, so we are of course very happy to see the focus on data and AI. I want to also highlight one use case which was shown at Microsoft; an Australian university had up to 500 students using Teams and chat BOTs to ensure that all communication flowed easily from students to teachers, teachers to students and nothing fells through the cracks. That was achieved with Teams and the use of chat BOTs, which is a great example of the use case we are looking to help our clients with. We are looking forward to developing partnerships to help enable and enhance our offering, and looking forward to helping new clients solve their unique technology challenges. With that, I will end my video. Looking forward to talking with you. Thank you.