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Streamlining The Health Care Supply Chain And Improving The Patient Experience

Streamlining The Health Care Supply Chain And Improving The Patient Experience

Healthcare Company uses Dell Boomi implementation from Think AI to help physicians provide better care, while lowering operational costs.


  • Healthcare Client wanted to simplify the claims management process for its customers.
  • Traditional middleware or hand coding often required complex processes, significant manual labor, and painstaking repetitive data entry.
  • Without any integration technology, processes were further impaired by piles of error-prone paperwork.
  • Healthcare organizations have seen a growing, critical need for data integration tools that can deliver the right information at the right time while adhering to HIPAA regulations.



  • Offered cloud-native integration that works in a variety of real- world healthcare scenarios.
  • Boomi offers a small footprint of it’s runtime engine, which signals when data is ready for retrieval by different applications.
  • Securely and cost-effectively moves data regardless of format to any endpoint, allowing facilitation of healthcare interoperability.

Business Value

  • Reduced costs through increased efficiencies and automated manual processes
  • Enhanced patient experience with greater data interoperability, minimizing errors and duplicate data entry
  • Streamlined workflow and improved billing accuracy
  • Offered Healthcare providers access to a complete view of the patient record from the EMR
  • Simplified diagnosis-driven protocols, dispensing, and billing so physicians could prescribe the most appropriate treatment

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November 14, 2022

Think AI