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Document Management Using Custom Share Point Solution

Document Management Using Custom Share Point Solution

Southland EDC implements a Custom Microsoft SharePoint Solution for Effective Document Management

Business Challenge

Southland EDC receives numerous documents from its clients, often very large in size and containing multiple pages. These documents are usually separated by barcodes that were being managed using an outdated tool

  • The tool was unable to identify barcodes present in the files.
  • The users had to manually create folders, as the tool lacked the robustness of automatic creation.
  • The process of reading bar codes could not be scheduled ahead of time and needed to be triggered manually.
  • Unavailable for use via the Internet
  • Poor performance and inefficient

The Solution

Think AI developed a custom SharePoint Online application

  • Easily accessible over the Internet without limitations of a physical location.
  • Provided the ability to accurately recognize all the barcodes for the large number of loan documents received.
  • Also provided the ability to batch process the files in the background, significantly reducing wait time.
  • Automatically created folders for each loan and kept content well organized, thus minimizing the need for manual labor.


Southland EDC is a non-profit Certified Development Company chartered to assist the small business community of California and has done so since 1980. Its mission is to be a helpful resource through the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 504 loan program to local small businesses in fostering job creation and job retention.

“We are very excited about this product and look forward to putting it to full use. I want to personally thank all of you for all the effort that went in to making this solution happen. Your professionalism, knowledge and response time made it easier for Javier to communicate our needs and achieve the final outcome. Thank you very much!”

Maria Mata, Southland EDC

Engagement Summary

Think AI was hired by Southland EDC to develop a custom application in Microsoft SharePoint to manage, search, split and maintain scanned large PDF files received by the organization on a regular basis. Think AI’s goal for this project was to deliver a cloud-based service to Southland EDC to help with document management.

Think AI’s customized configuration of Microsoft’s SharePoint technology would help Southland EDC in managing its content seamlessly using the Internet. Removing the limitations of a physical office location, saving time and boosting company productivity were some of the challenges that Think AI had willingly undertaken through this project.

Business Value

A cost-effective replacement of existing BMI solutions available in the market. The custom solution was built on top of Microsoft’s default SharePoint functionality and also included the ability to manage multiple role-based permissions.

A Southland EDC employee usually averaged 60 hours a month to manually run the split function on files, verify for accuracy and organize them into folders. Think AI has now automated the outdated and inefficient file splitting process. Employees, just upload documents to a designated folder and the rest of the steps are completed automatically, at a scheduled time of the day.


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November 14, 2022

Think AI