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With our BI Assessment & Roadmap, our goal is to understand the current state of BI and data warehouse systems in your company. We will prescribe actionable recommendations to prepare your company’s BI environment for upgrade, highlight known issues and dependencies, and outline a high-level project plan for implementation with no impact to your business.

  • Obtain a quick and low-cost validation of your BI project’s proposed direction.
  • Identify weaknesses and roadblocks to success to create contingency plans for your company.
  • Build awareness and support for your BI initiative by asking the right questions and involving the right people.
  • Get a positive ROI on your company’s BI investment by identifying opportunities and goals before projects are
  • Discover more about your company and get valuable insight into organizational and business process

What's Included:

We have established a focused two-day agenda that details activities, roles and planning strategies that will be covered:

As part of the BI Assessment & Roadmap, we will outline key organizational, process and technology considerations. The outcome provides valuable input into any existing BI Roadmap.

  • 2-day Architecture Discussion and assessment sessions
  • Review existing infrastructure
  • Review Critical to Quality objectives
  • Review existing BI and DW implementation
  • Provide assessment and roadmap document

Unleash the Power of Business Intelligence today.

Through many years of experience, we’ve a proven way of consulting that is very effective. Our projects are entirely results-driven and iterative in nature to ensure that customers see results early and often. Many times we begin delivering solution prototypes in just a few weeks. Our consulting approach involves small, agile teams with senior staff who are data experts. When appropriate, we will also bring focused skill-based developers to perform specific development activities. We also use our offshore delivery partners so that we can keep your implementation cost low while still delivery great solutions. Our thought leaders such as Data Architects, Engagement & Delivery managers and Data Analysts can keep your project on track and deliver per the quality you would expect.

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