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Self Serve Data Model for QSC

QSC learns the truth about its data, thanks to Think AI and Power BI

Audio equipment manufacturer QSC was experiencing a backlog in reporting and data requests, with limited resources to support the company’s needs. QSC found it difficult to secure data appropriately, and the cost of further extending its existing Oracle licensing was prohibitive. QSC ultimately wanted to enhance the productivity of the people who leverage and interact with its corporate information. Think AI provided QSC with a solution focused on cost-containment, standardization, and productivity through a centralized, cloud-based Microsoft Power BI program that now delivers applications to support executive scorecards, sales metrics, revenue management, and inventory-management dashboards.


Think AI, QSC, and Microsoft Power BI, and Azure Data Warehouse


Customer challenges

QSC requested a business intelligence (BI) assessment that could result in enhancing the productivity of the people interacting with its corporate information.  The manufacturer had limited resources to support its reporting needs, and it was facing a backlog of requests. QSC also found it difficult to secure data appropriately. It needed a new mechanism for generating reports so that users who are external to the company could still securely consume them when needed. In addition. The cost of extending its existing Oracle Discoverer tools licensing was prohibitive.

Partner solutions

Think AI created a self-serve data model using Power BI to capture data from multiple sources into a centralized enterprise Azure Data Warehouse, which became a single source of truth. The solution provider then secured multiple types of information in different queues by using Power BI workspaces. This enabled QSC executives to have their own workspace where they can see more confidential data, while each department has its own separate workspace where it can see department-related data.

Customer benefits

This solution provided the client with fully baked self-serve data analytics on demand, secured and personalized for each department. Within each department, Think AI also created security layers so that one manager can’t view the data for another manager. The solution is also more cost-effective, with QSC paying less for Power BI than for its previous Oracle Discoverer licenses. Further, because QSC was already using Microsoft technology, including Microsoft 365, the complete solution was easy to roll out.


  • Because the solution combines all of QSC’s available data sources into a centralized enterprise Azure Data Warehouse, the company can now rely on a single source of truth.
  • Self-serve Power BI data analytics is now standard for each department, and security is personalized for each role.
  • By adopting a cloud-based data infrastructure, QSC no longer needs to maintain servers and backups, reducing total cost of ownership.

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November 11, 2022

Think AI