Accelerate your business with business intelligence and data-driven decisions

Data is a collection of facts and figures in raw form and information is processed data. The process of converting data into information requires various levels of analysis. Data analytics is important because it helps your business optimize performance and data-driven decisions help identify more efficient ways of doing business.

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. Power Bi provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an easy to use interface for the creation of real-time reports and dashboards.


Power BI To Unify Your Data

Microsoft Power Bi organizes your data scattered in excel sheets, on-premises database (in MS Access SQL, or any of the popular RDBMS), or cloud services to one place.

Power BI For Your Business Insights

Power BI equipped with immense business intelligence capability bundled with simplicity makes it possible for everyone within your organization to convert data into actionable insights. You can have real-time visually consolidated updates from various departments at your fingertips.

Power BI For Enhanced Productivity

Using Power BI Groups various departments within your organization can easily collaborate. It ensures access to accurate data avoiding redundancy and enhancing productivity.


Visualize, analyze, and create interactive reports. Transform the way your company uses its data with Think AI Power BI solutions.

As Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Partner, Think AI helps your organization visualize and analyze data, discover new insights, and collaborate with the state of the art Power BI technologies.

A project’s success depends on the accurate assessment of your business needs, appropriate deployment of Power BI tools, customization as per your specific needs, as well as training and on-boarding or end-users. To ensure its success for you, Think AI Power BI experts manage the complete Power BI implementation process for your organization.

Highlights of Think AI Power BI Services

Your Data From Every Source To One Place

Custom Dashboards For Visual Data-Driven Results

The Best Reporting Models And Advanced Custom Solutions

Endless Support To Match Your Business Needs

Training To Ensure Optimum User Engagement

Visualize, analyze and create interactive reports. Let's transform the way your company uses its data with Microsoft's Power BI tools.

Get Started

Unleash the power of business intelligence.

Bring Data Into Focus, Get Started With Business Intelligence

  • • Delivered in 1 Week
  • • No ETL
  • • 1 Data Source
  • • Maximum 4 files or 4 tables
  • - 1 report with 3 tabs
  • - 1 dashboard
  • • 1 dataset
  • • 1 power BI desktop file

  • • Delivered in 4 Weeks
  • • SSIS for ETL
  • • SSAS for Cube
  • • 2 Data Sources
  • • Maximum 16 files or 16 tables
  • - 3 reports with 3 tabs
  • - 1 dashboard
  • • 1 dataset
  • • 1 power BI desktop file

  • • Delivered in 12 Weeks
  • • For +150 users
  • • SSIS for ETL
  • • SSAS for Cube
  • • 4 Data Sources
  • • Maximum 48 files or 48 tables
  • - 6 reports with 3 tabs
  • - 1 dashboard
  • • 1 dataset
  • • 1 power BI desktop file

Our team will help you customize and gather your data from multiple datasets. Keep current with metrics and data that is important to you, whether in the cloud or in your company datacenter.

Real-time data

Ask your questions by typing them directly into the search box and have answers visualized in charts and graphs. This is the power of real time data at your fingertips.

Available on any device

The new Power BI app for iOS will enable you to monitor and interact with your business data. Stay up to date and connected to your data anywhere and anytime with live mobile access.