We love it when a new client comes in and we get rolling on a great new project. At this time, we’re talking about the many variables in any software development work including timing, communication style and preferences—and yes, budget.

This budget stage is very important because sometimes, a client wants their software done for a lesser rate, which Think AI can accommodate using our team abroad with the caveat that there will be no U.S.-based team lead and thus communications won’t be as frequent or engaging. Have you EVER met a truly engaging software developer or one who enjoys updating you on his/her work?

On occasion, clients miss this fact and they actually want a U.S. team lead, but at the lower price of the overseas team only.  This is not realistic because as we all know, people’s time costs money.

So here are a few tips to help you, the client or potential client get what you really want.

  1. Always have advance conversations about project communications. If this is really important to you, be sure to pay for a U.S.-based team lead to work on your project.
  2. Don’t forget that your sales contact can help you get any answers re: your project from an overseas team.
  3. Be realistic about your choices (esp. budget) and how they could affect your project.
  4. Don’t let the scope creep (change) during your project. This will always cost more and take longer.
  5. Don’t forget about maintenance costs — implementation and maintenance are still a part of the project and must be factored into the scope of work.

Think AI is proud to have a 95 percent on-time, on-budget project completion record and we are happy to accommodate all budget levels.  Part of being a great client is understanding your expectations going in and realizing that when budget concessions are made, there will likely be a trade off in some area of your project.

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