Partner-To-Partner Case Study: Google Migration To Microsoft 365

Written by Manish Bhardia

March 11, 2022


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Miguel Contreras Foundation (MCF)

The Miguel Contreras Foundation (MCF) is the nonprofit partner of Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO. Operated by less than a dozen board and staff, it delivers programs that build access to good quality jobs and livable communities for underserved workers. Like many nonprofit orgs their size, MCF relied upon a mix of fragmented productivity tools like Google Workplace and Dropbox, so their team struggled to organize their information and collaborate effectively. For example, after staff would manually update their reports in Google Sheets, leadership would uncover discrepancies and stale data, which made it difficult for them to make proper decisions. As a result, their jumbled toolset failed to modernize operations, and the team felt overwhelmed, leading them to look for a product suite that could fulfill their needs.

Seer Strategic Solutions assessed the MCF organization and recommended the Microsoft 365 suite because of its integrated applications that improve communication and collaboration, manage data, and automate reporting within a single environment. Seer teamed up with Think AI’s architecture team to demonstrate advanced capabilities, design Microsoft Teams sites for each department, and plan an email and file migration that distributed documents to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online based on contribution levels. Seer proposed a blended learning program that included custom learning artifacts and live training for Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Forms, and Power BI.

Think AI successfully migrated all mailboxes to Exchange Online, created five SharePoint sites, and configured Microsoft Teams for each department. Seer’s Adoption Consultant delivered four webinars, conducted five 1-on-1 white-glove calls for executives, and delivered a personalized training on Power BI. The entire project from kickoff to close took only six weeks. MCF’s Program Director confirmed that the board and staff adopted the new toolset 100% right after migration and identified additional unexpected wins. For example, user survey feedback reflected appreciation for staying connected on-the-go with the Microsoft mobile apps and identified additional demand for training and support.

Having met their success criteria for this first implementation, MCF is planning deployments for Dynamics 365, Power BI Enterprise, and several other Microsoft applications to continue strengthening its collaboration internally and services externally – improving its capabilities to achieve its mission of empowering working Angelenos.

Read the case study from Seer Strategic Solutions here.

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