On April 12th, we had IAMCP SoCal’s 9th Annual Golf tournament, where I participated with a couple of our business partners. I wanted to highlight that if you are one who is not into golf, then you should just golf for fun or business.

My ask would be that if there is an event for charity golf that your clients or business partners are going to, then you should go as well. Because if the format for golfing is a scramble, that means the best ball, and  it’s a very low pressure, fun filled golf event. Really, the focus is that, you work with your partners and be in the group to enjoy the golf game and build relationships.

Now you may wonder, how can you build relationships on a golf course? The real point is that when people are away from work, they can be a little more relaxed. And a better bond can be made because you will be spending like 3-4 hours within a small group.

For example, when I did my first golf tournament with IAMCP in 2014, I was playing with two gentlemen whom I had never met. By the end of the day, we had become very good friends, we built a good relationship and later we did business with each other.

So here are some tips:

  • Sign up for the next golf tournament for whatever cause you like, or whatever business you are in.
  • Before the event, go to the driving range, practice some hitting, learn golf etiquette.
  • You can be strategic to invite your clients, business partners or potential business partners.
  • Invite me to golf 🙂
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